Established in 2000, HiTRUST.COM(HK) is one of the subsidiaries under HiTRUST.COM(CAY) and plays a crucial role in international business. HiTRUST.COM is well-known as a secured e-commerce technology provider in Great China. HiTRUST.COM(HK) has been actively expanding overseas business and successfully winning clients in Southeast Asia and Australia.

The secured e-commerce technology of HiTRUST.COM ensures a safe, efficient, reliable, and user-friendly payment ecosystem for banks(issuers and acquirers), payment service providers, and merchants. Our solutions include EMV 3DS, RBA, digital identity, payment gateway, CodeSign, etc. While the EMV organization officially announced the 3D Secure 2.0 specification in October 2016, HiTRUST.COM is among the few leading companies to pass certification and launch 3DS v2.0 solutions and services worldwide. Still, we put high resources into R&D in AI technology to meet the innovative requirement of banks, payment service providers, and merchants.

On the mission to provide exceptional service for clients worldwide, we are looking for distribution and service partners to work with us. HiTRUST will work collaboratively with our partners around the world with one mind to deliver optimized products and services to customers and share success.